We’ve been busy…

It’s been the thick of the season and we’re psyched there’s still a ways to go.

The Cross Crusade series wrapped up and the team had a real strong showing. Damian finished in the top ten for the series, Matt had some of his best results as an A, and Serena had an amazing crusade season taking first place for the overall elite women. It was a great series.

As Serena prepared to make her way to Iowa for jingle cross and 3 big UCI races, Matt and Damian made their way over to Eugene for the state CX championship race at Camp Harlow. Damian had a good battle for 5th and a strong race, Matt raced to a strong 9th in a stacked field. It was a great day with some Mud and a bit of sunshine.

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The Thanksgiving holiday found some of the team traveling. Serena was in Iowa where she ended up having a great three days, coming home with some much deserved UCI points from some tough racing. Matt was on the east coast and found time to jump in the Baystate Cyclocross race, a regional UCI race, and mix it up.

There’s still a lot of racing on the horizon for the team. The USGP of Cyclocross is coming to Bend next weekend for the Deschutes Brewery Cup and we will be out racing, we hope you can make it out to cheer, it should be a good show with some of the fastest racers in the country mixing it up here in Bend. Matt, Damian, and Serena will all continue their training and racing through December in preparation for Cyclocross Nationals in Madison, WI in January. Stay tuned here and read more about it on the blogs, our facebook page, and twitter.

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