Cyclocross, Hell Yes!

Silverado Cycling Team Photo

Serena takes 1st in the Thrilla series. Photo: Bike Around Bend

It’s really on now. We’ve been jumping in the local races and hitting up some of the pre-season races for a few weeks now. Serena won the Thrilla Series, and the first of the Crossaflixion series. Matt had strong finishes in Hood River, and Damian had a great result at Barlow finishing second. The team is all dialed in for cross to really get underway, and get underway it has!

This past weekend saw Matt, Damian, Serena, and Bruce make their way over to the valley for the first race of the Cross Crusade Series. The rain even made a brief appearance to add some excitement to the race. There was no shortage of tough competition and it was a great first test of the season for the team. The big names were out- Trebon, Sheppard, Babcock, Butler, Pennington, but the team did well and had solid finishes.

With the start of the Crusade series the season really gets into the groove. The team is busy making travel plans for weekends in the valley and beyond.

The cooler weather has arrived in Bend. Frosty mornings and cool evening training rides are quickly becoming the norm. It’s cross season in full effect. We couldn’t be happier. We’ll bust out the wool layers, throw on the embro, and embrace the oncoming season. We hope to see you all out there and hope you’ll tune in here to see how it went down. Drop us a comment and give a cheer at the races. Cyclocross, Hell Yes!

Serena’s Report

Matt’s race report

Serena Bishop Gordon - Alpenrose Cross Crusade Portland, OR

Serena - All business at Alpenrose. Photo Mike Albright


Matt Fox - Alpenrose Cross Crusade Cyclocross Race Portland, OR

Matt picking his way through the famous Alpenrose Cyclocross course in Portland

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