Cyclocross Season Getting Underway

September has rolled around and the team is well into training for the cyclocross season that is getting started in earnest in the next couple weeks. Rides around trails on the skinny knobbies, skills sessions in the park, intervals up skyliners, cold mornings, and late evenings on the bike, the season is certainly in the air. Bikes are getting cleaned, checked and rechecked and plans for trips to the valley and beyond are being made. We are psyched for the upcoming season and all that goes with it.

Matt after a tough race at the Grand Prix Molly Cameron #1

Matt all dusty smiles after a tough race at the Grand Prix Molly Cameron #1. Photo Jose Sandoval

Matt made a trip over to the valley for the 1st race in the Grand Prix Molly Cameron series over at David Douglas park in Vancouver, WA. Despite extremely early season fitness (Matt has been abroad in Africa all summer) he came out swinging and did his best to stay in sight of the top ten. It was fast, dusty, and difficult as most of the september races tend to be.

We can’t wait for more racing to get under way. This week starts the weeknight races over at Summit. Thrilla CX is always a great way to race into shape in Sept. We hope to see you out there racing or cheering, look for the purple blur, that’ll be us.

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